From the Construction Site.

Modernisation of a apartment building:
– Extra insulation exterior wall
– New windows
– New apartments in attic (former storage)
– Solar cells over the whole roof
– Assembly new elevators
– New driveway into underground garage
– Total renewal bathrooms
– Total renewal kitchens
– Extra compound for 30 bicycles

Driveway underground garage (in progress)


Assembly of the elevators (in progress)


Total renewal kitchens (in progress)


Total renewal bathrooms (inn progress)


New apartments in the attic (former storage)

Halloween Special !

🎃For the darker season, we have special rates ! Use discount-code „HalloAreYouSerious?“ 😉

Of course, it is in accordance with the environmental agency ! 😀

New regulations

New in Switzerland – if you renovate you building, newly you have to submit a flood protection plan. The government gif an example how it has to look like… but is not really revealing… costs extra time… but well… we have to do so.


Nice mandate

It’s nice to do something for the animals… like this mandate very much.


From a smal farm to a nice animal shelter

Animal shelter


…for sure with better then animal welfare asked standards, several emergency-exits… but most significant: Motivated and educated staff.