New regulations

New in Switzerland – if you renovate you building, newly you have to submit a flood protection plan. The government gif an example how it has to look like… but is not really revealing… costs extra time… but well… we have to do so.


Nice mandate

It’s nice to do something for the animals… like this mandate very much.


From a smal farm to a nice animal shelter

Animal shelter


…for sure with better then animal welfare asked standards, several emergency-exits… but most significant: Motivated and educated staff.


Welcome to my world

Hvis du ikke snakker engelsk, spør etter norsk øversettelse.

Wenn Sie weder Englisch noch Norwegisch sprechen, fragen Sie nach einer Deutschen Übersetzung.

We kei Englisch, Norwegisch oder Hochdütsch verstohsch, frög nachere Schwiizerdütsche Übersetzig.